Folly Beach, South Carolina: Seaside Getaway

We loved our family vacation to Folly Beach, South Carolina. Close to downtown Charleston, but far enough away to feel like a small town, I am a big fan of this destination!

The pebbly sand at Folly Beach is perfect for relaxing and sunbathing. The whole town has a laid back vibe, which explains why so many travelers visit each year. While the waves were a bit rough during my trip, I’m sure the surfers loved it! It was also great to be able to take a break from the heat by strolling over to the Folly Beach Pier for a drink, and grab food at Pier 101. If you have time, a walk along the pier can give you the chance to check out what the fishermen are catching, plus it’s likely you’ll see several dolphins!
I love that the town of Folly Beach is small enough to walk everywhere, yet big enough to keep you interested. I’m also a big fan of the popularity of bike riding on the island. The local restaurant lineup offers several unique choices too. In my experience most places had delicious food, and were full of live music! For a low key getaway, the island is perfect. However, Folly Beach can do fast-paced too– I saw several bachelorette party groups there living it up!
Folly Beach
Enjoying our adorable VRBO rental
I traveled to Folly Beach for one week this August with my parents and sister Rachel. Before we left home, I packed some items from the company Amara Living. These pieces were all perfect for organizing while packing. Plus, my circular towel was fantastic for beach time! Being the aspiring photographer that I am, of course I decided to do a little photo shoot with them while we were at the beach! Thanks to Rachel for being a model, whether she wanted to or not 😉
Amara has a beautiful collection of sophisticated and curated home decor items (that’s their calling card), but they also have plenty of luxurious and high-quality travel items. Make sure to check out their website and see if any of the items are calling your name!

Here are the details for the items I brought with me on my trip! :

  • Round Beach Towel: This towel is very thick, surprisingly soft, and can roll up easily to fit into your beach bag. It has a cool fringe edging, a hand drawn design (inspired by the lost city of Atlantis), and is 100% cotton. My only complaint is that it is a bit heavy- but I guess that’s what happens when you have quality fabric!
  • Sleep Mask I have tried many sleep masks in my day, and this is easily the softest and most comfortable. This mask is made of velvet, satin, and cotton so it’s understandable why I love it! This also comes in several other patterns, but I chose the “Liberty of London” print. 
  • Elephant Makeup Bag– Every girl needs a quality bag for their cosmetics while on the road, and this is probably the cutest solution! If you know me, you know all about my elephant obsession. This bag is love. Not only is it thick and sturdy, but the design is hand-embroidered and unique. I do worry about it getting makeup stains from its light color, but time will tell! 
  • Coral Beach Bag – This bag, no lie, is awesome. This bag has a uniquely soft, spongy texture and I am (for whatever reason) fascinated by it! 🙂 Not only is it an adorable pattern, but it is practical. The inside has a waterproof lining so that if any cosmetics leak or spill it will stay contained. If you use it as a beach bag, it will keep your phone safe and dry if a storm pops up! It’s a win-win. 
  • Electronics Organizer: This bag, honestly, is my new favorite thing! When I travel I always have loose cords, wires, and batteries floating around in my bag. This nifty bag was the perfect solution! (PS Amara has discontinued this bag sadly, so I linked the closest thing I could find on Amazon).

For even more travel products I adore- check out my full list HERE

Have you been to Folly Beach before? What do you think of it?
A bit windy

This is a sponsored post. I was graciously bestowed these items in return for an honest review and exposure for this brand. I will not make any type of commission if you choose to purchase any of these items.

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