Best Tacos in Cincinnati (+Latin Food!)

Over the years, my husband and I began a quest to find the best, most authentic tacos in the area.

We wanted to find that one local place that could come close to the delicious foods we’ve had on our travels in South America

After several years, this is the list we came up with! Here are our own opinions of where to find the best tacos in Cincinnati (and Northern Kentucky). 

These places are “authentic” in that they cook and serve the food in the style that they would be cooked in their native countries.

Some are tiny stalls by a gas station, and others have a finely designed dining room. Either way- they are all delicious!

Here is our list, in no particular order:

Mazunte: Their “tacos dorados” are easily among the best I’ve had in my life. No exaggeration. I also love that their table name cards are all named for different regions in Mexico.
Honestly, their “salsa bar” and insanely tasty pico de gallo merit a visit by themselves!
If I had to pick “one” best taco in Cincinnati- this place might have it. More info on Mazunte
mazune, tacos dorados, best tacos cincinnati
The “Tacos Dorados” – my love.

El Ocho Loco– At first glance, it is a tiny “hole in the wall” storefront attached to a gas station, but don’t let that deceive you! These fantastic tacos are becoming increasingly popular thanks to word of mouth (no pun intended).
They get bonus points for having some bomb salsa (sometimes I go and just order a large Styrofoam cup of it to have at my house), and tasty margaritas to go! More info on Ocho Loco
ocho loco tacos. erlanger kentucky mexican food. best mexican food in cincinnati ohio.
Carry out tacos, enjoyed at our house!

Gomez Salsa– Their tacos are good, yes. The main reason we go here though is for their “turtles”. So flavorful, so delicious, they are basically like a stuffed empanada.
They also, naturally, have a large variety of salsas here. If you love Mexican food and are looking to mix it up a bit, but still want something that’s incredibly tasty and flavorful, make sure you give this place a try! More info on Gomez Salsa
gomez salsa, turtle, cincinnati
The “turtle” is front and center 🙂
gomez salsa, tacos, turtle, cincinnati
(Images provided by Gomez Salsa)

Taquería Ramírez– Their building might not be the fanciest, but when you bite into these generously portioned tacos it doesn’t even matter. The corn tortillas are so tasty, and we love the variety of taco options.
This is one of few places we’ve been to as well where more of the customers are speaking Spanish than English- definitely a good sign!
(Full transparency- during Covid times, their food hasn’t been as consistent in quality as it used to be, and the service hasn’t been as good either)  More info on Taqueria Ramirez
taqueria ramirez florence erlanger
Image via Yelp

La Mexicana: Restaurante Cantina y Tienda: Their corn tortillas are so soft, the restaurant environment and service is great, and their chips are at that perfect level of crunch.
They also have a large menu, and what I think are incredibly fair prices.  More info on La Mexicana

la mexicana newport kentucky, best tacos in cincinnati

Mi Burrito Mexican Grill: This place could be compared to Chipotle with how it is set up, but it is ninety times more authentic. Serving “build your own” tacos in an “order up” style, the benefit here is being able to fully customize your dream taco.
Make sure to get a corn tortilla, and check out their flavor-filled mild ancho salsa. More info on Mi Burrito 
good tacos cincinnati
Image provided by Mi Burrito

Best Latin-American Food in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky 

Gutierrez Deli– At first glance, it just seems like a grocery store in the historic part of Covington. When you go inside though, you will notice a small menu behind the register.
Order one of their quesadillas, and you will never want them from anywhere else. No exaggeration, these are the best quesadillas I’ve had in my life. More info on Gutierrez Deli

gutierrez deli quesadilla

La Torta Loca– If you haven’t had Venezuelan cuisine yet, you are missing out! They do have tacos, but the main reason to come here is to eat their shining stars- empanadas and arepas!
Just go, trust me. This is the only place I’ve been that reminded me of the amazing food we had during our travels in Colombia. Get more info on La Torta Loca
Delicious, soft empanadas
(Images provided by La Torta Loca)

The Arepa Place– At the scenic Findlay Market, this beautiful storefront sells, you guessed it- arepas! The owner, Isis, a native Colombian, is so friendly and I think it shows when you pay this place a visit.
If you love delicious Latin fare, then this place is absolutely worth visiting! More info on The Arepa Place
arepa place, findlay market, otr. best tacos in cincinnati
(Image provided by the restaurant) Don’t forget to try some tostones!

Ché– Located in the trendy area of OTR, this restaurant is great for a date night while simultaneously having insanely delicious food.
They of course have many Argentinian dishes you can check out, but I highly recommend their empanadas– the salsas that come with it are fantastic! More info on Che Best tacos in Cincinnati
empanadas cincinnati otr che
Image via Che Cincinnati‘s Facebook Page

Pin it for later!Looking for the best tacos and Latin American food in the Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky area! Check out our list of our favorite authentic places

As always, all reviews and opinions are my own. I did not receive any compensation or incentive to include these restaurants in this lineup. Thanks for reading my post about the best tacos in Cincinnati!

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