Where to See Highland Cows in Scotland (Map Included!)

If you’re visiting Scotland, chances are- you want to see one of the iconic Scottish Highland Cows. Where exactly can you find them though? Is it just luck, or can you plan it out?

First, let’s talk about these ruggedly cute cows. Symbolic of Scotland, and rising in animal popularity lately, these guys are irresistible! With their long, wavy coats and majestic horns- how can you resist?

Me on my first visit to Scotland- naively thinking I’d just happen upon dozens of Highland Cows


Hailing from the wilds of the Scottish Highlands, Highland Cows are like nature’s rockstars. They’re toughing it out in the roughest of weather with their shaggy double-layered fur coats. It’s not just their looks that make them stand out though; it’s their whole vibe!
These cows are like walking symbols of Scotland’s beauty and chill attitude. They embody this mix of toughness and calmness.
highland cow in scotland
When I first traveled to Scotland, I traveled 1,700 miles all over the country and somehow didn’t see a single Highland Cow. Yes, it was terrible. 🙁
I admittedly didn’t do research in advance, and just figured I’d “get lucky and see some”. Sadly, that wasn’t the case. Do I regret that now? Of course!
where to see highland cows in scotland
When I traveled back to Scotland and England the following year, I was more intentional about finding some cows. I researched places ahead of time where I might be able to see some.
The only spot near where we’d be traveling was the Trossachs Woolen Mill (photos below!). That was a cute stop with a nice gift shop, and we were able to buy carrots from the owners to go feed the resident coos. 🥕

While there are clearly many more places than on my list below, I asked my followers on social media “where can you go to see highland cows in Scotland?” (aka “heilan coos“). I did a bit of “crowdsourcing”, and this is the result (so far!):
A few places mentioned to me (in no particular order)

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highland cow cute

Here is a map of where to see Highland Cows in Scotland:
NOTE: I have not been to each of these places to verify; research ahead of time!

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Learn about specific locations in Scotland where you can view or even interact with the adorable highland cows!

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