• Reply Christine April 27, 2023 at 1:53 pm

    How much would you recommend people spend for a 10 day trip to Scotland not including airfare?

    • Reply Michelle W. May 1, 2023 at 2:46 pm

      So I actually made an Instagram video about my budget, funny enough! Here is the caption though, which has a full breakdown of what I spent:

      Full transparency here! 🙈 What did I spend on a 10 day Scotland road trip? Read below- Thankfully my husband is a data analyst, so he kept track of every penny in a detailed spreadsheet (😂) which I later organized to figure this out!

      ⭐️ Keep in mind this is for the cost of ONE person

      🏨LODGING: We stayed in budget or midrange hotels ranging from $85/nt to $175/nt. We did a combination of hotels, AirBNB and one private room in a hostel. This cost us $390 total per person, or $39/day

      🍽FOOD/GROCERIES: We did a combination of grocery shopping, eating included meals from our lodgings, and going to restaurants or pubs. We only ate at one “expensive” spot the whole trip, and tried not to go too crazy. Excluding alcohol, our meals and snacks ended up at $280 total per person, or $28/day

      🚙TRANSPORT: If you don’t do a road trip of Scotland, this would be significantly cheaper. However, car is what we wanted! Using our Costco membership, our rental was $580 total. If you split this cost, it would be $58/day or about $29 per person per day.

      ⛽️GAS & PARKING: This added up, I’ll admit. 🙃 We did drive around 1,200 miles total, though! Between gas and parking in the bigger cities where it wasn’t free, we spent a total of $375, or about $19 per person per day.

      🎟ATTRACTIONS/TICKETS/EXCURSIONS: We spent a total of $250 on things like admission to historic sites, fun activities, walking tours, etc. This would be about $25/day, or about $13 per person each day. Some days we spent far more than others, but overall it was nothing too bad.

      ⭐️These prices do NOT include the flight, alcohol, souvenirs, or the round trip ferry ticket to go to Orkney. I didn’t include that as it was a splurge and isn’t necessarily typical for most people doing a roadtrip here.⭐️

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