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What’s in my bag? When I travel, what products do I prefer? Check out the list below to find out!

For a categorized list of ALL my favorite products found on Amazon, check here!

In my younger days, I always traveled with a backpack. Lately though, I’ve preferred rolling suitcases and duffel bags. My favorite carry-on size suitcase is the Clavel Spinner (expands) in this turquoise color. I also have 3 bags from Delsey’s “Daily’s” collection. I have their backpack laptop carrier and day pack, their expandable duffel bag (also carry-on size for flying), and their tote bag (counts as a “personal item”).

kanab utah luggage

luggage for a roadtrip zion natioanl park

I am in LOVE with my Vaude Cimone Backpack for Women. It has lasted me through several long trips, and constantly surprises me with how many things can actually fit in it. It has proven to be very durable, is set up in a nice organized fashion, is cute and comfortable, and expands a great deal.

I recently was given a Taaluma Tote for my birthday, and I am so glad I had it on my list. They are really comfortable and come in a wide variety of stylish colors and designs, plus they’re for a great cause. Each time you buy one a portion of the profits go to a microloan to help farmers and small businesses in the country whose bag style you select. It encourages sustainability and helps create labor, plus it’s adorable- I say it’s a win win! (I have the “Mali” bag)

I am also very fond of my Tom’s Correa Sandals. When I travel I always struggle between fashion and function, and these are one of few sandals I have encountered that have both. They look cute with skirts, dresses, or skinny jeans but are also comfortable and sturdy enough to keep your feet alive on days with tons of walking. I think by now most people know Toms one-for-one deal, and so not only do you get cute shoes, you get the knowledge that you’ve helped someone else get a cute pair too 🙂

Another product that I have gotten a lot of use out of is my Camel-Bak day pack. I use this for exploring places on foot, be it cities or out in nature. For as small as it seems, it carries everything I need it to. I recently switched to a larger size pack, but this is the bag style that lasted me for 5 wonderful years:

Although I often travel to some not-so-glamorous locations, I still like being able to put on makeup and do my hair if the mood strikes me. That is where this Revlon super mini size hairdryer with convertible voltages comes in handy. It is so tiny and yet still works really well:

I also have found having a passport cover to be very useful. Often you need to keep immigration documents or plane tickets on your person, and having a nice case to keep them together makes travel that much easier! Look on the website Etsy for some cute and affordable options.

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Please note that these are my personal views and opinions on these travel products. I am receiving no compensation for promoting or reviewing these items, with the exception of links to Amazon, for which I am an affiliate. 


  • Reply Paul Mire December 27, 2019 at 12:21 pm

    Question… which waterfalls are your feet hanging over in your “My Favorite Travel Gear” link?

    beautiful blog by the way. I found it when planning a “Sound of Music Tour” for my wife in our one day pass through Salzburg. And I was inspired to splurge for that one night in Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron to make it that much more special. THANKS!

    checked out your travel map… impressive. now, get to BRAZIL ASAP!!! Rio is the most beautiful city in the world (geographically speaking). And for an off the beat pleasant surprise, be sure to include Salvador and the North East coast of Brazil. Through all my travels so far (US, Canada, Europe, Australia/NZ, Brazil), my favorite place in the world to be would be eating al fresco at a small restaurant in Arembepe, named Mar Aberto (open sea). Get there one day, and you will understand. An exhilarating visual and culinary experience.

    • Reply Michelle W. January 1, 2020 at 8:46 pm

      Hi Paul, Thanks so much for your comment! The waterfall is a small one, tough to find, in Iceland called Bruarfoss. Brazil has been on my list for years but flights from my home airport are always 1800+ so I’ve been biding my time for a good flight deal! I’d LOVE to see Iguazu Falls! I love to hear that you splurged at the Leopoldskron!!! Such a great place for any true S.O.M. fan!

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