Useful Gift Ideas for Travelers

Over the years and throughout my travels, I’ve figured out the products that work for me. I know my favorites, and I’m happy to share them! This list is perfect for coming up with useful and quality travel gift ideas, or simply buying them for yourself!

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Check out my favorite travel gift ideas below:

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Delsey Carry-On Suitcase: This is my favorite carry-on bag I’ve ever had! It rolls with ease, fits way more than you’d think, and comes in a few cute and stylish colors!

An “Experience Gift” with Tinggly: This is maybe my favorite on the list because rather than gifting a material object, you’re giving the gift of a fun and memorable experience. Their motto is “give stories, not stuff”, and you can choose from these cute aesthetic gift boxes, and then give them a gift card to choose from one of their many experience options all across the globe!

One Year Membership to AAA: This is a very thoughtful gift, as it’s truly useful and very practical. If you have someone in your life who loves taking road-trips or seems to always run into car troubles, this is the way to go! There are also many hotel and attraction discounts!

Birdie Personal Safety Alarm: Perfect for any traveler, but especially women, this can add an extra layer of safety. It’s essentially a tiny alarm that you can carry around with you, and pull the lever if you feel unsafe. It emits a very loud sound, and can draw attention to you if you’re in need. It’s sad that this even needs to be a product, but that is just the reality of our world.

3-in-1 Charger, Flashlight, and Handheld Fan: So convenient and useful, and also so cute with the different color options (and the fact that it looks like a bear!)

Fahlo Brand Bracelet– Of course these are cute bracelets, but they support conservation, and you get to track an animal you “sponsor”. I truly LOVE this idea, and it’s so fun to track your chosen animal!

Silk Sleep Mask I think this is self explanatory, but sleep masks are a game-changer on flights, trains, or hotels!

Portable Charger Yes you have to remember to charge the charger, but this is so convenient and puts you at ease if you use your phone frequently while you travel. It’s compact, and you can charge your phone while it’s in your purse.

Travel Art Tote Bag– I love packing an extra bag flat in my luggage. On the trip, I can use it to keep organized. When I fly home,  I can use it to store new purchases. This has a cute travel-theme design, and it was drawn by… yours truly! 🙂travel theme canvas tote, gift ideas for travelers, travel christmas gift

Passport Cover– There are loads of cute styles and options (I love the idea of adding a monogram) for these. Make sure to get one with inner pockets where you can store all your other travel documents!

Travel Stub Diary– This is more for after the trip, but I love having a place to store and look back on travel keepsakes such as old ticket stubs or receipts.

Collapsible Water Bottles– Of course you want to bring a water bottle with you on your travels, but these are huge space savers and very convenient!

Packing Cubes I didn’t always travel with these, but now that I do- there’s no turning back! They keep your items organized, easy to find, and compress them down for efficient packing.cute packing cubes, travel gift ideas

Security Pocket–  This is one of my favorite things to have when I’m traveling in an area known for pick-pocketing. I put cash and my ID and credit cards in it, and then it clips onto your bra and out of sights!

Travel T-Shirts I may be biased given that I designed them, but these travel theme t-shirts are perfect to wear in the airport or while on your trip!travel theme tshirts, fun retro bubbly, gift ideas for travel

Travel-Size Bottles for Toiletries– Easy way to bring all your favorite products when traveling carry-on only!

For even more of my favorite travel gift ideas, check out my Amazon storefront link!

Thanks for reading my suggestions on travel gift ideas and presents for travelers!

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