Travel + Sloth Nursery Theme Ideas

I’ve always been one to love “themes”. I’m that girl who has been forcing her friends to dress up and attend my various themed parties for years. Having a sloth nursery then should come as no surprise! 

After perusing Pinterest for years, there were two themes I couldn’t ignore: travel, and sloths. Since my wedding in 2014 was travel-themed, most of my home decor is, and even my baby shower was “welcome to the world” themed, I didn’t want to overdo it with another exclusively travel themed room. I decided then to merge my two loves, and came up with the “sloth theme nursery + travel”!

Ever since I studied abroad in Costa Rica, I’ve had a strong love for these slow little creatures, so it just felt right. However, most of the cute sloth things I’ve found over the years have catered to a more feminine and girly design for kid’s rooms. So, I worked hard to make sure my sloth theme nursery (with some travel theme thrown in) would be more neutral, and work for a boy’s room.
Here are the photos of my nursery, with all the products linked:

sloth nursery, sloth theme, gender neutral nursery

The nursery used to be our guestroom, so we had a lot of furniture to clear out! We ended up using my childhood bedroom furniture for most of it (thank you to my parents for keeping it so long!), and painting the walls a silvery blue color. Our crib is from Amazon, the swivel rocking chair is from Wayfair, and then the foot-rest or “pouf” is from Amazon as well.

Sloth Nursery Art 3
We went with a neutral white crib that is adjustable into a toddler bed, and then of course this sloth pattern bed sheet. The three sloth art pieces were hand-drawn by me!

The bookshelf might seem a little cluttered, but it’s because I have so many books from my baby shower! I also framed the “oh the places you’ll go” calligraphy piece my sister made me. The hanging planter was a last minute addition but I really like it, and to keep with the sloth theme nursery I attached this cute blue sloth key-chain!

All the mini succulent pots are from a combination of Ikea and Amazon. I bought a bunch and sprinkled them throughout the nursery on all of the shelves.

Sloth nursery, travel nursery

The shelves above the nightstand were actually handmade by my husband, but they sell similar ones on Amazon. The giant sloth stuffed animal was a gift, sold at Target. Also here you can see the hanging planter really well. I worried it would get in the way but it hasn’t been an issue!

Here is a closeup of my lampshade from Ikea (I got it in 2007 so I doubt they have it anymore), and the white noise machine we use. You can also see a globe on top of the bookshelf. I painted it myself, but learned how thanks to the “globe painting workshop” from Kayla Weber Art!

Sloth Travel Theme Nursery
This shows the green “felt ball garland” that I attached to the top of the bookshelf. I really recommend these for adding cute pops of color to a baby’s room! The shop where I bought them lets you customize and mix the colors you want.

Sloth Mobile Baby
Here you can see the sloth mobile I have hanging above the changing pad, which sits atop a plain white dresser. I did this rather than buying a specific “changing table” so that it can be useful as my son gets older.

sloth knit crochet pattern

My friend crocheted this for me as a shower gift. She purchased the pattern from Etsy. This is of course adorable, and I have it hanging above the closet in the sloth nursery.

sloth travel piggy bank

This is the cute little setup on top of the tall dresser. I have an adorable mama and baby sloth, a framed globe photo to represent me, my husband, and my son (drawn by my sister!), potted succulents from Target, and a framed map of the world with animals on it (the gold frame is from Amazon). I also have a very cute personalized travel-theme piggy bank from Bloom Owl. It has Lorenzo’s name printed on top of it, and will be a great way to get him interested in saving up money for travel!

Sloth Travel Theme Nursery

These shelves were also handmade by my husband, but they are inspired by these floating bookshelves I saw on Amazon. I love how they are set up, as you can display books in a standing position. I filled it with all the sloth children’s books I could find, and of course a few stuffed animals!

Here you can see a farther away view of the floating bookshelves, and the storage bench we have below it (topped with an awesome blanket my husband got in Mexico!). I also have a closeup of the bible verse calligraphy piece my sister hand-drew for me in blue.

Sloths Around the World Nursery Art

This was my passion project- in the weeks leading up to my son’s birth I couldn’t sleep, and so I stayed up late at night hand-drawing this overly detailed art piece. I call it “sloths around the world” or “international sloths”, but essentially I spent way too much time making it! It combines the travel and sloth themes, but probably not worth the amount of effort I put into it!
name puzzle
On the bookshelf, I have more mini succulent pots, and this wooden, rainbow-colored name puzzle from Bloom Owl! They have a variety of colors and font options, and makes a great gift!

Sloth Travel Theme Nursery

Another angle of the room! I am pretty proud of it! I know once my little guy is crawling the days of this being so clean and organized are long gone- but hey, at least I have these photos!! Also enjoy the photo-bomb by my cat Cora 🙂

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As always, all reviews and opinions are my own. However, should you choose to purchase from Amazon, please know I will receive a tiny commission! I also received the name puzzle and piggy bank from Bloom Owl at no charge.


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    I love the color you chose for your nursery! Do you happen to know the brand and name of the color you chose?

  • Reply Michelle W. February 22, 2021 at 10:38 pm

    Thank you! Yes it was Behr brand and the color is “Meteor Shower”

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