Haunted Places in Cincinnati (& Around!)

Whether or not you believe in the supernatural, it’s still fun to visit spots said to be haunted by a restless spirit or two. If you’re in the mood to visit some haunted places in Cincinnati, (+Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana) here is a fun lineup:

If you want to try a “haunted road trip” to see all these haunted places, check my map! Starting out in Cincinnati (exclude stop number one if it’s too out of the way), work your way around. Stay in the car, or get out, it’s up to you! 👻

The Golden Lamb- Lebanon, Ohio  Dating back to 1815, this historic hotel and restaurant has hosted many famous guests over the years including Charles Dickens and Mark Twain! Over the years, guests have reported several ghosts on the property, particularly on the fourth floor! 👻 Haunted houses Cincinnati. 
golden lamb, haunted places in cincinnati, lebanon ohio
Image via Creepy Cincinnati

Music Hall Cincinnati, Ohio-  I’ve always known this place was haunted. I heard about it as a child when we’d visit on field trips, and I learned more when I got married here! Considering this elegant structure was built over a potter’s field (mass grave of unknown bodies) after a devastating flood, and used to be the site of a children’s asylum, it didn’t stand a chance! 👻
During recent renovations, bones were discovered while digging a new elevator shaft, and construction was halted. In the fall, they offer ghost tours, but it’s also a beautiful place to simply look at!
music hall, haunted houses cincinnati
Image via CincinnatiUSA.com

Sedamsville Rectory Cincinnati, Ohio- Listed as one of the most haunted places in Ohio by the Travel Channel, this site has had visitors claiming unexplained temperature changes and scratches on their body. It was also featured on the show Ghost Adventures. While there is no official way to visit that I could find, it could be worth a drive by! 👻Haunted places Cincinnati.
sedamsville rectory, haunted places cincinnati, ghosts cincinnati
Image via the Travel Channel

The Thompson House- Newport, Kentucky- Now a concert venue, this statuesque mansion is worth a visit if only just to admire its creepy looking architecture. Ghost stories here include sights of a ghostly woman hanging by a noose in the top floor window, among others. It is also one of the stops on the fun Newport is Haunted tour!
thompson house, southgate house, haunted places cincinnati
Image via Thompson House website

Bobby Mackey’s Music WorldWilder, Kentucky-  Locals know this name and immediately associate it with its paranormal background. Considered the “most haunted nightclub in the US”, it has been featured on multiple television shows.
Over the years, there were several murders in the nightclub and the surrounding area. The creepiest of stories though is that the basement has a portal to hell itself. While this is still a functioning bar and restaurant, they do also offer guided ghost tours. 👻 Be wary though- people say evil spirits have followed them home!
bobby mackeys, wilder, kentucky, haunted places cincinnati
Image via Travel Channel

Whispers EstateMitchell, Indiana- Built in 1894, this home has had many residents unfortunately pass away over the years. It is now a huge hot spot in Indiana for paranormal investigators.
For a fee, you can explore the house and conduct your own ghostly research! 👻 Otherworldly occurrences here include apparitions, jiggling door handles, unexplained smells, as well as a supposed vortex.
indiana, haunted, roadtrip
Image via Realtor.com

Waverly Hills Sanatorium Louisville, Kentucky- This hospital originally opened in 1910 to house locals who were affected by a tuberculosis outbreak. Given the amount of deaths that occurred, it is now one of the most haunted places in the state. 👻 Many paranormal investigators have visited, and guided tours of Waverly are offered.
haunted, louisville
Image via GoToLouisville.com

Old Talbott TavernBardstown, Kentucky- This tavern, built in 1779, has been featured on several different television shows. It is rumored to be haunted by the spirits of its 19th century visitors! Employees and guests have reported hearing voices, witnessing doors open and close independently, and seeing multiple apparitions. 👻
bardstown, haunted
Image via TripAdvisor

Hopemont: The Hunt Morgan HouseLexington, Kentucky- Built in 1814 by a local millionaire, this mansion sits in a beautiful and historic Gratz Park near Transylvania University. Nowadays, it’s a museum, but the guests are the only ones walking around! 👻
The second floor is said to be haunted by the spirit of John Wesley Hunt, and there have also been many sightings of “Mammy James”, an enslaved woman who was a nanny to the children in the home.
lexington, gratz park, haunted
Image via The Bluegrass Trust

The Loudon HouseLexington, Kentucky– One of the more actively haunted places in Lexington, this antebellum (1852) villa has reported plenty of paranormal activity. There is said to be a Victorian-era woman roaming the house, as well as a ghostly black cat, and a specter in the dining room! 👻
Upstairs, many people have reported the unexplained smell of an antique perfume, disembodied voices, and ballroom music when no one else was there. It is now home to the Lexington Art League.
loudon, lexington, haunted
Image via On The Grid

Hayswood Hospital- Maysville, Kentucky- This abandoned building is private property and has large “no trespassing” signs all around the perimeter, so please do not break the law if you choose to visit! Stay outside and just take a look from a distance! 👻
This building was a local hospital since 1923, but finally shut down in 1983. It has since fallen into a severe state of disrepair. Since then, residents have reported hearing babies crying in the maternity ward, lights coming on even though there is no power, drastic temperature changes, and apparitions in the upper windows.
hayswood, abandoned, hospital
Image via Maysville-Online

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Haunted stops in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana starting in Cincinnati

Haunted Places in Cincinnati


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    But Iove the well detailed out post with all the facts about the places and a pic of each one of them.

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