About Me

“I have no special talents; I am only passionately curious.” – Albert Einstein

Hola- I’m Michelle Weigold, a Kentucky girl with a love for photography, cats, grilled cheese, and genealogy. I am also a high-school Spanish Teacher (and proud alumni of The University of Kentucky), and when I’m not busy lesson planning, I’m probably planning my next trip! I am a firm believer that travel is the absolute best way to learn, and that one cannot have a narrow mind with a full passport.

Why the Website?

Travel is my passion, and I want a way to share this with friends, family, and anyone else who shares in this love too. People are always asking me, “How do you afford it? How do you plan it? How do you decide where to go? What do you do when you get there?“, and I thought a blog would make an easy way to answer some of these questions!

Where Have I been?

Ever since I was 14 and went to London with babysitting money I’d been saving up in a shoe-box called “TRAVEL” for about three years, I’ve known I wanted to see more of this great big world. My studies in the Spanish language have allowed me to have many long term immersion adventures, and I am also a huge advocate of backpacking and budget travel. So far, I have been blessed to have visited 30 countries, and stepped foot on 5 continents. There is still so much more to see though!

Michelle Weigold’s Travel Map

Get in touch! Send me your best travel recommendations or feedback at greatwidetravel@gmail.com , or use the form below!