5 Amazing Things to do in France

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of France? For many, it’s romance- which is fitting given that Paris is considered the city of love. With a booming tourism industry, France is more than just Paris, the Eiffel Tower, and other top favorite tourist attractions however.

While those are lovely places to see, you want to have more than a mere sightseeing experience. So, this article will focus on five things to do in France that go beyond just sightseeing. So if you’re dreaming about visiting France, then put these things on your to-do list.

1. Sunset from the Eiffel Tower
It’s hard to exaggerate how beautiful the Eiffel Tower is, as this landmark is genuinely worth the hype. If you want to have a memorable experience at this location however, I suggest visiting the tower in the early evening hours. You will be greeted by a golden blanket of rays wrapping the horizon and covering the surface of the Seine river. The tower’s panoramic view is even more spectacular when dining at one of its restaurants.paris sunset eiffel tower restaurants

2. The Palace of Versailles
Louis XIV certainly made an excellent choice when he relocated the court of Versailles way back in 1682. Versailles is currently (and has always been) a spectacle of art. If you get the chance to visit this historical place, take the time to enjoy all the masterpieces; the detailed work on the furnishings, the beautiful royal apartments, the Hall of Mirrors, and so much more. And it all comes together with an exterior landscape and lawns straight out of a book of fairy tales.versailles, paris, france

3. Spend Time in Provence
Provence offers you the chance to wander through its lavender fields and rolling vineyards. Take a break from the major cities’ fast-paced nature and withdraw to the dramatic landscapes of the charming villages that the French Provence has to offer. You can spend a day trailing through the fields in Sault and taking photos that’ll leave your social media friends in envy. If you’re a religious person, you can also visit the Pope’s Palace in Avignon and teleport yourself to what was once the seat of Western Christianity. There are on-side chapels, ceremonial halls, papal bedrooms, and over 25 other impressive rooms to visit.provence france

4. Lose yourself in the heavenly creeks of Marseille 
The city of Marseille is home to one of the most beautiful examples of paradise – the idyllic creeks. If you’re a lover of hiking, you will find the route to these creeks to be purely delightful. The location hides Morgui, Sugiton and Sormiu, which are the little corners of this paradise, and it is all wrapped up by beautiful turquoise water and the smell of pine trees. The route to this location may not be the easiest, but the breath-taking view and wonderful swimming experience are worth any pain in your feet.marseille coves

5. Take a Cruise on the Seine
Is there a more beautiful way of experiencing the top sights in Paris than cruising on the Seine River? If you happen to visit Paris, don’t leave without taking this scenic boat tour, as you will pass by the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Musee D’Orsay, the Louvre, the Place de la Concorde, and other beautiful landmarks of France along the way. You can opt for a night cruise for a more romantic experience and witness the illuminated view of these landmarks.paris, france, seine

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