Best Things to do While Traveling

If you can travel on any kind of trip, whether in the USA or abroad, you are blessed. Wherever you go, make sure you make the most of your time spent in that place!

Take Photographs

This one is something pretty much everyone does when they travel. We all love to take pictures and share them on our socials, whether it’s the classic picture of legs on the beach or amazing underwater shots of diving with Dip ‘N Dive. Keep doing this and take as many pictures as you can to use as mementos of your trip. In between taking your pictures though, remember to put the camera down sometimes and just be in the moment too.

Learn A Few Phrases In The Local Language

A little goes a long way. You don’t need to learn the language of everywhere you go, but showing some effort is polite. Learn to say hello, please, and thank you. Numbers and prices can be helpful too. Some other key phrases, depending on your circumstances, could help too, such as knowing how to tell waiters that you’re vegetarian or are allergic to something. As someone who worked as a Spanish teacher for years, I am definitely a huge advocate of this!

Try Local Foods

There are lots of amazing cuisines around the world. Local food is often cheaper and so tasty that you would be missing out not to try it. The locations to get local food are endless, from street stalls to local restaurants and supermarkets. My favorite foods I’ve ever experienced while traveling have been in Italy, Spain, and Morocco!

Explore On Foot Or Public Transport

This isn’t always practical, such as when locations you want to visit are far apart, or when the weather is bad, or if you aren’t physically capable of walking very far. If you can, however, try to walk between activities because you may end up finding some hidden spots or new things to do along the way. Many cities are very walk-able, and you never know what you might find along the way.
Another option is to join walking tours, which are often free except for a tip for the guide, where you will meet new people and learn from informative guides. Walking almost always leads to being side-tracked. Public transport gives you more possibilities too and is affordable. Transport like local trams or hop-on/hop-off buses lets you see the people, architecture, and streets easily.

Interact With Locals

When you visit somewhere new, it will be filled with locals. These are the people who give the culture, experience, and beauty to a place. The locals are as much part of an area as the scenery is. Speak to some of the locals to learn more about their lives, culture, and home. Instead of going to the supermarket, check to see if a local has a stall that sells fruit and buy from them while chatting. 
Remember that you don’t have to buy from everyone who approaches you and be mindful of where your money is going. If you pass a local wherever you are, acknowledge them politely. A smile means the same in any language.

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